The Farnum House Haunting 2018

Welcome To The Nightmare!


This is a local charity event that we do to help provide scholarships for Port Jervis High School Students. 

We have been scaring kids and adults for 10 years now, and it has grown into quite an event to see.  There are over 50 dedicated people who help us out with the event every year and without them this would never take place.  

Come and check us out this year.  You won't be disappointed. 

Special Thanks to the Port Jervis Common Council for letting us use the building year after year.  I also want to thank Kathy Shortell for her concessions.   

Also, I want to personally thank, Amy Hoverstock, Greg Rhoades, Bryce Kostenbader,   Ken Hamilton, Brianna Hamilton, Glenn Wright, Clark McCollum, Tammy Dapp.  Your tireless hours dedicated to this event make it something special, and I greatly appreciate it.

I would also like to thank William A Onofry,  JAG Fabricators,  Fort Knox Self-Storage in Port Jervis, Fastenal, Lowes in Milford, PA,  Summit Research Labs, Neversink Lumber, The Port Jervis Common Council, Chef on the Run, The Erie Hotel,  Kathy Shortell, and to all of those I haven't been able to mention -if we all didn't come together, none of this could have been possible.



Brian Dewey

Event Coordinator



Something To Think About Every Halloween

When Samuel Farnum built this historical house in the 1850's, his amazing architectural design paved the way for the future of building.  His business involvement in the community helped to shape and propel Port Jervis forward.  He not only left behind a wonderful home and property that the community could enjoy, but he left the door open for ghosts to make their home -and one in particular has.

We as a team have many memories of the Farnum House over the years.  Yet, every one of us holds a memory of when the lady who haunts the Farnum House has interacted with us in one way or another.  Some of us experience lights going on and off.  Some of us experience objects being moved or falling from their place.  Sounds generate of people walking upstairs, hallowed talking through the rooms, etc.  There's a couple of us that get that feeling when she's around the corner staring at us.  There's even a couple of us that see her.

Whatever you may believe or not believe, we welcome your opinion.  From spending years on the inside, many strange things happen where we used to write the idea of 'the Farnum House being haunted' off.  It's not the same anymore.  The nameless lady who haunts the Farnum House participates every year, no matter if some of us would prefer she go back upstairs and stay there. 

If you ever see her, just remember, Samuel Farnum was nice enough to let her stay, and without her, it would be just another Halloween attraction, not The Farnum House Haunting.

-Ken Hamilton
  Technical  Development​